MINISTER of Foreign Affairs Harry Kalaba has advised Zambian women to be wary of selfish individuals who want to dubiously enrich themselves.
Reacting to a story on a Zambian woman being arrested in Pakistan for allegedly concealing cocaine in her rectum, Mr Kalaba said  that women should reflect on their lives as they celebrate International Women’s Day on Sunday.
“It is unfortunate that women have continued to be used by people who have selfish desires to enrich themselves by whatever means,” Mr Kalaba said
He also said it is important for Zambians to respect the laws of other countries to avoid such incidents which can tarnish the image of the country.
“It is important to avoid vices that will land us in problems in other countries,” Mr Kalaba said.

He said Government will not interfere in the case but will allow the law to take its course.
“If she is convicted and starts serving her jail term, maybe we may request that she comes and serves the sentence here. But each country has its own laws and they must be respected,” he said.
The Anti-Narcotics Force of Pakistan has arrested 35-year-old Zambian women for concealing cocaine in her rectum.
Drug Enforcement Commission public relations officer Theresa Katongo said Patricia Malambo, 35, was arrested at Bacha Khan International Airport for concealing 17 cocaine filled capsules in her rectum weighing 0.190 gramemes.
She said the suspect was travelling from Johannesburg to Pakistan via Doha and has been detained in that country.


Daily Mail