Social media dampening workers’ morale

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Social media dampening workers’ morale

Lukulu, March 4, 2015, ZANIS — Mitete District Commissioner Teddy
Chimbinde says false information published on social media against public officers has the potential to dampen their working morale.

Mr. Chimbinde lamented that false information about government
officers being publicized on the social media is instilling fear in

Speaking during the just ended two-day induction workshop of newly employed public officers for Lukulu and Mitete districts, Mr  Chimbinde said it was his hope that the officers had been educated on their rights.

The DC has since tasked officers to execute their duties diligently despite the many challenges being faced and uphold the code of conduct at all times.

Mr Chimbinde added that the district administrations were ready to
support its workers but that they should ensure that they do the right
things at the right time.

Meanwhile, Provincial Chief Management and Development Officer
Geoffrey Kamfwa has called on the two district administrations to see
to it that disciplinary committees are working and those found wanting
to be charged accordingly.

Mr. Kamfwa said that provincial administration was inducting officers
so that they begin to change their mindset to work and deliver on
government programs.

He pointed out that civil servants are the wheels of government programs
in the districts and that they could only drive the programs if they
appreciated the terms and conditions of services.

And speaking on behalf of other participants, Chris Chiyesu urged his
fellow civil servants to uphold confidentiality when executing their