Grade 12 results elate Chikankata education authorities

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Grade 12 results elate Chikankata education authorities


Chikankata, March 4, 2015, ZANIS…..Chikankata District has recorded an eighty percent pass rate for grade twelve examinations.


This is according to Chikankata District Education Board Secretary (DEBS) Collard Chilala.


Speaking during an interview with ZANIS today, Mr. Chilala said the District has performed very well.


He explained that the district has three examination centers namely Chikankata Secondary School which is grant aided, Terranova Secondary School which is a private School and Namalundu Secondary School a government School.


Mr. Chilala said Chikankata Secondary performed extremely well followed by Terranova Secondary and lastly Namalundu Secondary School.

“The Ministry of Education has realized that very few government schools are doing fine and this is very worrying,” he said.


He explained that such challenges were being addressed by increasing monitoring activities in schools targeting the Head teachers, Heads of Departments and teachers themselves.


He added that monitoring would  ensure quality teaching is taking place especially in the government schools.


“The current picture in the District is that the grant aided school which is Chikankata Secondary School has performed very well because of strict supervision as compared to government schools,” he said.


He told ZANIS that so far the district has held three meetings in order to establish the way forward regarding the problem experienced in government schools and how best to improve learning in schools.


He said the meeting consisted Head teachers, Heads of Department Senior Teachers and grade one teachers.


Mr. Chilala said it was now a rule that no teacher should teach without a work plan and also to produce a monthly assessment for all grades in order to improve the learner performance in the district.


He added that even if Chikankata is a new District it has performed well in the grade twelve results and hoped to do much better in the future.