DC welcomes private sector support

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Government has commended Neelkanth Lime Company of Masaiti district for complimenting efforts in the provision of health services.

Masaiti District Commissioner Joseph Mwabana said this when Neelkanth Lime Company donated assorted drugs worth about K5000 to Njelemani health Center in the area.

Mr. Mwabana said government appreciated the efforts of stakeholders in the provision of healthcare as it cannot manage to provide all the services that people require.

He stated that government was aware of the challenges that the health facility is faced with and assured the residents that of it’s commitment to overcome the challenges.

He urged other companies in the area to emulate what Neelkanth Lime Company was doing and further called on the community in the area to support any projects that government was undertaking saying the facilities belonged to them.

And Njelemani health Center Assistant Sister In-charge Mwaka Kafuko said the facility faces a shortage of drugs most of the time and that Neelkanth Lime Company assisted the clinic whenever need arises.

Ms. Kafuko said Njelemani health Center which carters for a huge population faced a number of challenges among them lack of a maternity wing as the one currently in use has only two bed spaces.

She explained that the health center records about 60 cases of deliveries per month adding that it was difficult to attend to all of them as they have to be referred to the hospital since the clinic has to call for an ambulance from the district.

She further explained that the ambulance which is stationed at the district takes long to reach the clinic as the road is in a deplorable state.

She added that the building for the health center is old and that there are no staff houses which has lead to inadequate staffing levels at the health facility.

Ms. Kafuko further said the clinic owes ZESCO about K13,000.00 and that this had resulted in the health facility to use candles when attending to patients at night.

 Meanwhile, Neelkanth Lime Company Consultant Barnabas Zulu said the company benefits from the health services offered at the clinic and pledged to continue supporting it as part of its social corporate responsibility.