400 qualified pupils roam the streets in Nkeyema

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—————Chief Kakumba of Nkeyema district in Western Province says more than 400 pupils in his locality who qualified to grade ten this year have not gone to school because the area has no secondary school.


In an interview with ZANIS, Chief Kakumba urged government to upgrade the newly-built school which Japan Tobacco International (JTI) has constructed in his chiefdom to cater for the affected pupils.

Chief Kakumba said the school will cover a wide catchment area with places like Longe, Miyoba, Kangolongolo, Mwanche, Sishamba, among others all befitting from the education facility.


He said there is need for the facility to be turned into a fully-fledged high school if the 2015 Millennium Development Goal on education is to be attained.


Chief Kakumba said the locality has ten primary schools yet it has no secondary school that can accommodate pupils as they get to higher grades.


And Chief Kakumba said the tribal wrangling that has erupted over the naming of the newly built school is counter-productive as it retards development.


Chief Kakumba said tribal wrangles are divisive as the name of the school is not a factor but it is the output and the benefit derived from it that matters.


He said the school is in his jurisdiction and that is why he proposed that it be named after Sir Mwanawina III whom he described as a gallant person who was instrumental in presiding over the unification of Zambia.


Chief Kakumba said the tribal wrangles over the name of the new school were a result of political infiltration that was totally unnecessary.


Chief Kakumba said there are 38 tribes in his Chiefdom who constitute the Sishamba silalo or county and called on all his subjects to live in harmony regardless of their tribal affiliations.