Implement AU’s agenda 2063 plan-Chikwanda urges member states

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Implement AU’s agenda 2063 plan-Chikwanda urges member states

Lusaka, March 2, ZANIS……..Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda has
called for the effective implementation of the African Union’s Agenda
2063 plan.

Mr. Chikwanda said the Agenda 2063 must be reflected in regional and
national planning frameworks if it was to be implemented effectively
at regional and member states level.

He said it is important  that the national planning frameworks such as
long term visions, national development plans  and poverty reduction
strategies are revisited to incorporate  the agenda in order to
reflect its aspirations and goals.

Mr. Chikwanda said the agenda 2063 will facilitate among other things,
rapid movement towards regional integration such as trade ,free
movement of people, investment, infrastructure development and skills

He noted that sustainable funding is key for effective implementation
of the Agenda  2063 hence the mobilization of domestic resources for
financing of various activities.


The Minister of Finance said this during the official opening of the African
Union Workshop on the  first ten year implementation plan of  the
Agenda 2063.

Mr Chikwanda observed that Agenda 2063 will help to plan ahead towards the next
fifty years for the emancipation of the continent from the social
economic disaster and poverty.

Mr. Chikwanda implored the participants to critically develop targets
and indicators that will facilitate domestication of the important

 “It is an instrument that can rekindle African Solidarity that was
practiced by our for forefathers, given the manner in which it is being
prepared as there were wider consultations made,” he said.

And  African Union, Commissioner for Economic Affairs Anthony
Maruping said the success of the Agenda 2063 lies with member states
as fundamental actors hence the need for domestication of  the agenda
in their national and regional plans.

Dr. Maruping said the meeting is meant to examine, enrich and make
the document sharper and more focused to make  it implementable from
its vision, mission, policies and action plans.