Ex-convict jailed for killing stepson with insecticide

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A  MURDER convict who was pardoned and later integrated into society has again been sentenced to life imprisonment after he was found guilty of killing his stepson.
Kabwe High Court judge Elita  Mwikisa  said  it was  sad that the ex-convict committed a similar offence and  that the court was left with no  option but sentence him to life imprisonment.
Edwin Sichamba on March 25, 2013 murdered Nimrod Chayiwila who was one-year and nine months old.
Sichamba fed the baby with insecticide.
During trial, the State called eight witnesses among them arresting officer, Margaret Lungu who testified that during her investigations, she discovered that Sichamba was married before he was sent to prison to Mercy Namukonda.
However, When Sichamba was in jail, Ms Namukonda got married to another man. Sichamba was released from prion under a presidential pardon in August 2013.
She told the court that the convict was facing a life imprisonment sentence for  killing a friend in 2001 but the  sentence  was  reduced after  he  appealed in to the Supreme Court.
After his release from prison, Sichamba asked his former wife who had remarried to reconcile with him of which she did.
Ms Lungu told the court that during the reconciliation process, the woman decided to involve a pastor but two weeks before they could meet the pastor,  the baby was killed.
She said a postmortem conducted on the child showed  that the baby was poisoned  while  Dr  Anaclet Tshimpanga said  an insecticide was used to kill the baby.