Esther Phiri film to make Women’s Day world premiere

Esther Phiri arrives at the event
Esther Phiri smiles at a an attendee

THE documentary film capturing the tale of Esther Phiri, Zambia’s first female boxer to earn international accolades, makes its world premiere on International Women’s Day next Thursday.
The film is called, Between Rings: The Esther Phiri Story, is directed by Zambian film-maker, Jessie Chisi and Finnish, Salla Sorri.
It offers a rare and intimate glimpse into the life of Esther, the seven-time world welterweight champion and formidable boxer who rose from humble beginnings in Zambia to become a champion pugilist.
Between Rings depicts Esther Phiri’s life struggles as she traded marriage for a career in boxing while also having to fend for her family and look after her late sister’s children.
It captures Esther’s private life outside the boxing ring as she deals with criticism, envy and expectations from her family and fans.

Esther said of the film: “This is the first time I’m really opening up for people to see me as Esther Phiri, the woman, not the boxer. It’s scary to be this open, but I think it’s important to share my story, so that people can see that even success comes with a price. We work hard, but we also have personal struggles to overcome. I hope my story shows young girls that they can do everything they want to do, and inspire them, no matter their circumstances.”
Between Rings has already been doing well on the festival circuit, having debuted at the 27th Helsinki International Film Festival in Finland in September 2014, with over 60,000 festival attendees.
After receiving positive reviews, the film has gone on to be shown at the Goteborg Film Festival in Sweden, and has now entered in competition at CPH:Dox – the Copenhagen International Film Festival.
Film Director, Jessie Chisi said: “I am so proud to have been able to tell the story of such an incredible and inspiring person like Esther, and also to have worked with such an amazing team to help me bring my vision to reality.”


Zambia Daily Mail