Patriotic Front (PF) warns Everist Chellah

Vubwi By-Election final results UNIP 395, FDD 649, UPND 761, MMD1091 and PF 3797.
Vubwi By-Election final results UNIP 395, FDD 649, UPND 761, MMD1091 and PF 3797.

Patriotic Front (PF) Luwingu district executive committee has warned the former provincial Secretary Everist Chellah to desist from issuing unpalatable remarks against the party .

Mr Chellah has been warned that his actions might land him in serious problems.

District chairperson Kephas Chofwe issued the warning in a press statement released to the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) in Luwingu today.

Mr Chofwe warned that if Mr Chella continued to issue unpalatable remarks about the affairs of the ruling party, he risked facing its wrath in the province.

Mr. Chofwe further said the resignation of Mr Chella from the party has paved way reunite because he was a stumbling block for developments in the Northern Province because he had no vision for the area.

He said that Mr. Chella should have used his position to woo support for the construction of  a University in Northern Province but failed to do so.

Mr. Chofwe said that it was the duty of the provincial secretary to talk to the president directly and convince him over infrastructure development such as the construction of a university in the province.

He said that if Mr. Chella was not happy with the province having not been given an opportunity to construct the university he should not use this as a way to ascend to power because the province is earmarked for the same project he is talking about carelessly.

And former Luwingu District Commissioner George Mwamba expressed disappointment with the manner in which Mr Chella was attacking President Edgar Lungu over the appointment of some opposition leaders to ministerial positions.

Mr Mwamba said President Lungu was not only President for the Patriotic Front but  the entire Republic of Zambia and he was eligible to appoint Zambians to ministerial positions regardless of their political affiliation.

He said it was his duty as a Republican President to embrace the One Zambia One nation motto by ensuring that he appoints people of high caliber to ministerial and senior government positions.

Mr Mwamba said that Mr. Chella should not think as a councilor but beyond that position when dealing with matters of nation interest.

He advised Mr Chella to concentrate on his new party instead of him wanting to drag the Patriotic Front into politics of hate and tribalism.

“ We think that Mr. Chella has outlived his usefulness with the Patriotic Front and his exit would be good riddance and that his actions are a betrayal to the aspirations of our revolutionary party,” he said.

Mr. Mwamba advised other PF provincial leaders who are working with Mr Chella to realize that the Rainbow Party he wants to brag about in the province was a non-starter because of its tribal tag.