Bishop Mambo backs Grand Coalition demands

Bishop John Mambo
Bishop John Mambo

Bishop John Mambo has backed calls by the Grand Coalition demanding for a people driven constitution for government to borrow money to finance the constitution referendum.

Bishop Mambo who is also Chikondi Foundation President says the only way the people of Zambia will have a people driven constitution is by way of a referendum thus government should do all it can to find money for holding of the referendum.

Bishop Mambo notes that the issue of a constitution and holding of a referendum is very important and that if government will listen to the calls by the people of Zambia to enact a constitution through a referendum; it will work to their benefit come 2016.

He states that if government can borrow to finance other projects, it can also borrow to finance the holding of a referendum considering its importance.

Bishop Mambo has advised the government to listen to the people and do what is in the interest of the majority Zambians and not simply a section of society.

He says people are calling for a people driven constitution so that things in the country can change for the better.

Bishop Mambo has further urged the people of Zambia to get united and continue to pray for the enactment of a people driven constitution as soon as possible.