Mind your language on President Lungu, Nawakwi advised

Edith Nawakwi launches FDD 2015 Presidential campaign
Edith Nawakwi launches FDD 2015 Presidential campaign

Patriotic Front member Sunday Chanda has advised Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) President Edith Nawakwi to learn to mind her language when addressing the President.

Mr. Chanda says contrary to Ms Nawakwi understanding, President Lungu means serious business when it comes to pushing back the frontiers of poverty and creating a better life for all Zambians.

Mr. Chanda says Ms. Nawakwi should respect the Head of State in as much as she solicits for his attention.


He says the fact that President Lungu is Head of State, he deserves the respect of all Zambians regardless of who they are.

Mr Chanda adds that Ms. Nawakwi should leave the President alone and allow him to work.

He says if the FDD leader has to offer checks and balances, she should do it in the right way using the correct language befitting a President.


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