Hakainde Hichilema thanks Radio Phoenix, listeners

Together we can create more jobs for Youths - Hakainde Hichilema
Together we can create more jobs for Youths - Hakainde Hichilema

Sincere thanks to Radio Phoenix management for giving us the platform to interact with our people this morning.

We also thank those who listened and followed our programme, despite your busy schedule. A special thanks to all those who called for clarifications on various issues, comments, and those who gave us words of encouragement.

By design, we know time is not always enough to tackle every issue, but that is purely the decision of the media platform where we are invited to speak and we greatly respect that. In any case, the issues dodging this country cannot be dealt with in 2 hours.

In our discussions this morning, we once more thanked all Zambians that voted and campaigned for us from all parts of the country in the just ended elections.

We reiterated the need for a peaceful, united, and violent-free Zambia where we can all live in harmony as brothers and sisters of one Almighty God our creator.

We demonstrated that the support we keep receiving from all parts of the country, going by the huge gains in the vote margins, would one day realize our quest for better Zambia.

We realize that the road maybe bump at times, but that is how it is for every journey that truly leads to salvation and better things.

For us in the UPND, we shall remain consistent with our messages, yet open for further debate in a civil manner devoid of insults, demeaning labels against each other, and hate towards one another.


Issues of national unity and better economical fundamentals will remain top priority for us so as to create decent jobs and the lower cost of living for all Zambians.

It is time we once more rise above small issues that divide the people of Zambia and focus on the bigger agenda of a sound economic agenda for this country.

The bigger job of mass mobilisation for all our teams begins now, and there is lots of work that we must all put our efforts together.

I know for now we maybe having challenges to travel and thank our people in all parts of the country, but we hope those with instruments of power will search their souls so that we can embark on this noble journey.

Our people are too expectant to keep hearing our messages and that we must do not just as a means for seeking political power, but as a means to also unite and reassure our seemingly divided nation.

Thank you all and God Bless.

Hakainde Hichilema