Build good communication, couples urged

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Build good communication, couples urged

Kawambwa, February 16, ZANIS —-A Clergyman of Kawambwa district in Luapula Province has implored couples to find better ways of communicating to each other in order to avoid conflicts and divorces their marriages.

Pentecostal Assemblies of God (PAOG), Pastor Chanda Musa gave the advice during couples meeting in Kawambwa over the weekend held at the residence of Couples’ leader, Anderson Mambo.

Pastor Musa stated that some marriages have broken down due to miscommunication amongst couples hence the need to find better ways of communicating to each other.

He advised that when there are problems in the marriage, couples especially men need to control their anger in order maintain good communication which will also enable them avoid breaking their marriages.

Pastor Musa noted that some problems leading to divorces could be avoided if couples communicate to each other properly.

He said couples should as well know the better time and place when to discuss their marriage issues bearing in mind that the out-come of their talks can affect their children.

Pastor Musa also advised couples to respect each other’s view and agree on common grounds in order to strengthen their marriages.

He also noted that good communication leads to couples developing emotional maturity, giving inner peace, building relationship and understanding each other better.

 He further said good communication breaks down individualism, removes mistrust and enhances marriage security.

Pastor Musa also emphasized on the need for couples to always solve problems together for their marriages to grow strong.

Speaking at the same meeting, Couples’ leader, Anderson Mambo explained that God feels good when couples love one another.

And Mr Mambo has advised couples to always involve God in their marriages to avoid problems.

The almost three hour meeting saw a named married woman complain bitterly that her husband does not like discussing on some matters of their marriage together.

Other partners complained that cell phones are affecting their marriages as some partners prefer to answer phone calls away from their spouses.