China Civil, AVIC Intl engaged to work on Isoka-Muyombe-Chama-Lundazi road

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—-Government has engaged China Civil and AVIC International to construct the Isoka-Muyombe-Chama-Lundazi Road under lots 2 and 3.

The entire stretch of the road covering a total distance of 393 km commenced in February 2011 with lot 1 having been given to China Jiangxi Corporation for International Economic and Technical Cooperation at a cost of over K200 million.

China Jiangxi Corporation for International Economic and Technical Cooperation has so far tarred about 40 km of the total 90 km stretch of lot 1.

Addressing farmers in Kasela earlier this week, Muchinga Deputy Permanent Secretary, Davy Chanda, said Government is committed to ensure that the entire stretch of the Isoka-Muyombe-Chama-Lundazi Road is upgraded to bituminous standard.

Mr Chanda said works on the lot 1 of the project that commenced in 2011 is progressing well, adding that government has since engaged two other contractors to work on lots 2 and 3 of the project.

He said the two contractors, China Civil and AVIC International, have been engaged to do lots 2 and 3 of the works and have since started mobilising in readiness for the commencement of construction works after the rains.

The Deputy Permanent Secretary said lots 2 and 3 of the road construction works are expected to be complete by 2017 and the scope of works include the upgrading of the existing gravel road to bituminous standard.

He also disclosed that a contractor to build a bridge across Luangwa River on the Chama –Matumbo Road will soon be moving on site.

“Government is committed to deliver development to all parts of the country for the sake of the future generation,” Said Mr Chanda.

Mr Chanda said the two contractors are currently working on bad portions of the road, such as the infamous Vwaza in the game management area, so as to make them passable during this time.

And Mr Chanda further disclosed that works on the Munyukwa-Kasela feeder road leading to Chief Chifunda in Chama district have been suspended until the rainy season is over.

Mr Chanda said works, once resumed, will be extended up to the chief’s palace covering a total of 58 km, saying this is a very important road for the people in the area who are mainly farmers and are currently finding it difficult to transport farming inputs and produce.

The Deputy Permanent Secretary, who was accompanied by the Provincial Agricultural and Cooperatives Coordinator, Victor Mulopa, was in Chama to check on the input distribution exercise as well as checking on the state of the roads in the area.