— Climate change severs human life in a longtime — Chimbinde

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Climate change severs human life in a longtime — Chimbinde



Lukulu, 12th February, 2015, ZANIS — Government says climate change can have severe effects to the environment and human life if experienced for a long period of time.



Mitete District Commissioner Teddy Chimbinde says issues of climate change have taken the world central stage and affects both the rich and the poor and the developed and developing countries.



Mr. Chimbinde said that weather conditions can affect the rainfall partners which can influence agricultural crop yields and human health among others.



The District commissioner said this when he offically opened  a two days climate change sensitization workshop for Mitete and Lukulu districts at Lukulu council chamber today.



Mr. Chimbinde said that climate change may differ from place to place.


And Climate Change local consultant Katherine Vincent says there is evidence that there are climate change effects especially in the atmosphere and sea temperatures.



Ms. Vincent added that projected changes in climate over the 21st century are that maximum and minimum temperatures are expected to rise.