— Illicit brewing on the increase in Chinsali district’s Ichinga Ward

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Illicit brewing on the increase in Chinsali district’s Ichinga Ward

Chinsali, February 11TH, , 2015, ZANIS —-  A Civic leader in Chinsali District of Muchinga Province  bemoaned the  increased rate at which illicit beer brewers have increased in the area .

Ichinga Ward Councillor, Shame Kapyanga  says he is concerned at the rate of illicit brewing activities was taking place in his ward.


Mr. Kapyanga complained the number of illicit beer brewers in his ward is increasing at an alarming rate.


He told ZANIS in interview in Chinsali District  today that the brewers of illicit beer commonly known as “Involo” and “tinkicha” are adding a drug to the product to make it even strong and intoxicating.


The civic leader said the brewers are using four table spoons of cumber drug which induces drunkenness  quickly.


He further complained that the psycho-tropical substance being added to the illicit beer is making people drunk as early as eight hours thereby hindering them from  meaningfully contributing to the development of the area and the nation at large.


Councillor Kapyanga added that the drug is alleged to be imported from the neighbouring Tanzania through Nakonde Border Post. 


The councillor has since called upon village head men to be on top of things and put a stop to such vices in their areas.