Careless disposal of used condoms upsets parents

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Some parents in Ndola’s Chipulukusu compound have complained about the poor disposal of used condoms at drinking places in the area.

And Ndola City Council Public Relations Manager Roy Kuseka said it was difficult to control disposal of used condoms because the activity is done in privacy.

One of the parents Mary Mwango said indiscriminate disposal of used condoms had become a challenge as children picked them to blow as balloons.

“We mothers are concerned about the poor disposal of used male condoms at bars and taverns here in Chipulukusu. After drinking beer many people make love and dump used condoms anywhere and in the morning we just see children blowing them as balloons.

This habit is inhumane because it has become a health hazard to our children. We are not saying people should not make love but they should be responsible of how they dispose used condom,” said Mrs.Mwango.

Mrs. Mwango said children are prone to many diseases and there was need to protect them as a way of reducing child mortality rate in the country.

She advised bar owners to ensure that their surroundings were cleaned in the morning and carefully dispose used condoms.

But the Ndola City Council PR Officer Mr Kuseka however said sexual activities were done in private so it would be difficult for local authorities to regulate the disposal of used condoms.

“There is need for people to exercise hygiene. Indiscriminate disposal of used condoms is a serious health danger especially for children who innocently pick them and play with them as balloons.

The challenge is that there is no law that stipulates how used condoms should be disposed but the Public Health Order Act indicates that everything that qualifies to be waste should be disposed at designated places. It is only irresponsible few people who have the tendency of throwing such things without care for the general public,” Mr. Kuseka said.