— Women in Luwingu District pleased with Wina’s Veep appointment

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Women in Luwingu District pleased with Wina’s Veep appointment

February 6th, 2015 -ZANIS- Luwingu district commissioner, Ms Mambwe Katontoka says women in the district are pleased with the appointment of Inonge Wina as vice president.

Mrs Katontoka says women in the area and the rest of the country will this year celebrate their  day on 08th March with happiness because the country has recorded first ever woman vice president.

She said that the appointment of Mrs Wina has gone into the annals of history of Zambia and Southern Africa at large.

“ The appointment of madam Wina has inspired many women in Luwingu district and northern province in particular,” she observed.

Mrs Katontoka said President Edgar Lungu needs more support from women folk who form a larger population in the country.



She added that women when placed in leadership responsibilities are capable of correcting and directing the affairs of the nation well.


Recently , President Edgar Lungu appointed PF Chairperson and former gender minister Inonge Wina as Vice President. 



Ms. Wina, who takes over from former acting president and former vice president and PF Lusaka Central Member of Parliament, becomes Zambia’s first female person to hold that position in the history of the country.



She is also PF Nalolo MP in Senanga district in Western province.



The District Commissioner further commended president Lungu for the appointment of Irene Mambilima as chief justice and Margret Mwanakatwe as Minister of Commerce trade and industry.



She said the appointment of the trio has broken the ice on appointment of women in senior government positions.

She appealed to the vice president to visit Luwingu district and address the women during the international women’s day which will be held on 8th March 2015.

Mrs Katontoka said that the former first lady Mrs Christine Kaseba was supposed to have toured Luwingu district but due the sick and demise of her husband the visit was cancelled.

She said that it is now an opportunity for the district to be visited by the first vice president considering that Luwingu was the first district to send PF members of parliament to the national assembly.

“It is for this reason that we are appealing to our Veep Ms Wina to visit Luwingu district in the Northern Province as soon as possible,” she appealed.