Jordan Katembula a.k.a JK sues Lusaka producer

Jordan Katembula “JK” and Yemi Alade.
Jordan Katembula “JK” and Yemi Alade.

RENOWN Lusaka musician Jordan Katembula alias JK has sued a Lusaka producer for allegedly wanting to dupe him out of money from a deal he negotiated with the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ).
Mr Katembula, who has sued Gibson Phiri together with his company trading as Digital Xtreme Entertainment, has since asked the Lusaka High Court to order the two to pay him K120,000 owed to him.
The money is for payments for two concerts that Mr Katembula held in Ndola and Kitwe for the ECZ.
Mr Katembula wants the court to order Mr Phiri to pay him damages for breach of contract and costs.
He has stated in his writ of summons that he negotiated and concluded a deal with ECZ called “electoral commission of Zambia peace concert”.
Mr Katembula said that he held two concerts in Chifubu in Ndola on December 27, 2014 and in Buchi Kitwe on January 10, this year.

He stated that during the periods he incurred costs and expenses amounting to K16,660 on accommodation, transport and food for the artistes that were subcontracted.
Mr Katembula alleged that he engaged Mr Phiri trading as Digital Xtreme Entertainment to participate in the concerts and who also incurred expenses amounting to K15,000 which was paid to subcontracted artistes for transport, accommodation and food.
He said that ECZ after services rendered paid into Digital Extreme Entertainment’s Barclays account number 0140037022001, as was agreed by the parties to use Mr Phiri’s account.
It was agreed that Mr Phiri, after receiving the money, was supposed to recoup the K15,000 which he paid subcontractors and another K8,000 for using his account to receive money.
Mr Katembula alleges that Mr Phiri has refused to pay him K120,340 but only released K16,600 which he spent on accommodation, food and transport on account that since he is the one who received the money, he has to decide how much to pay Mr Katembula.


Times of Zambia