Govt. pledges to continue promoting youth initiative

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Government has said it will continue promoting youth initiative programs through the Ministry of Youth and Sport that are aimed at improving their livelihoods.


Copperbelt Deputy Permanent Secretary (DPS) Georgina Kasapato said Zambia being a youthful country can help create a huge human capital out of young people.


Ms Kasapato said government has continued to promote initiatives where youths can tap into international reservoirs of knowledge and opportunities for their development.


‘’ Today we are glad to receive one of our own youth, Campbell Lumbila who has been under the mentorship of the Ministry of Youth and Sport, currently resident in USA and he is back in Zambia to share knowledge and opportunities with fellow youths,’’ she said.


She added that government it would like to promote such initiatives where youths are able to interact at national and international level for their development.