Govt urged to curb human rights abuses

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Government has been urged to curb human rights abuses targeted at vulnerable and marginalised groups in society. in order to enable them

Human Rights Activist Chipo Nkhata said there is need to protect the vulnerable from abuse in order for them to contribute effectively to national development.

Speaking during a discussion programme organised by Panos Institute of Southern Africa in Lusaka today, Ms Nkhata said human rights ought to be promoted and protected as enshrined in the Universal   Declaration of Human Rights.

She noted that humanity is born free and therefore must be treated with utmost respect

Ms Nkhata said human life is more valuable and that human rights should be observed and not violated.

She pointed out that the dignity of many Zambians has been diminished due to massive violations of their human rights.

Ms Nkhata hailed efforts being made to recognise and respect the rights of minority groups and urged society to embrace and respect people’s rights.