lusaka lawyer cited in a divorce petition with adulterous Whatsapp evidence

Divorce Court

By Roy Habaalu –  THE POST


LUSAKA lawyer Mutakela Lisimba has been cited in a divorce petition and accused of committing adultery with Bwalya Mwamba Nyambe, daughter of finance minister Alexander Chikwanda.

In this matter, Bwalya recently asked the Lusaka High Court to divorce her from her husband Pfumai Nyambe on grounds that he denied her sex for nine months.


Bwalya submitted that her marriage of eight years to Nyambe had broken down irretrievably and that there was no more love between them. She stated in her divorce petition that her husband did not support the family financially and prayed that the marriage could be dissolved and that the court should grant her custody of the children. Nyambe, in his cross petition agreed that his marriage to Bwalya had broken down irretrievably, but stated that this was because his wife had committed adultery with Lisimba.


He cited Lisimba as a party and submitted that both Lisimba and his wife Bwalya confessed their sexual encounters on two different occasions. “The petitioner [Bwalya] confessed her adulterous acts with the cited-party [Lisimba] to the respondent in the presence of a witness on January 10, 2015,” read Nyambe’s cross petition in part.  “The cited-party confessed the sexual encounters he had with the petitioner to the respondent in the presence of a witness on January 12, 2015.”


He submitted that the relationship between his wife and Lisimba had been going on for a long time and there was evidence in form of messages exchanged between them through mobile phone. He stated that the evidence was backed by verbal confessions of the act of adultery by Bwalya and Lisimba in the presence of witnesses. Nyambe denied being financially irresponsible as alleged by Bwalya, saying she was the one who was financially irresponsible as she spent most of her finances on beer drinking.


He added that Bwalya went home at awkward hours and had no time for their children and him. Nyambe stated that there was no love between the couple due to Bwalya’s adulterous and unreasonable behaviour and that he found it intolerable to live with her. He further revealed the details of Bwalya’s adulterous behaviour with Lisimba which he read on her mobile phone. Below are text conversations that Nyambe filed as part of his evidence for the adulterous behaviour between his wife Bwalya and Lisimba on different days.


Lisimba to Bwalya at 07:50 hours: “Let’s go and sh*g”

Bwalya to Lisimba at 07:51 hours: “when”

Lisimba to Bwalya at 07:51 hours: “Now”

Bwalya to Lisimba at 07:52 hours: “Where are you?”

Bwalya to Lisimba at 22:13 hours:”You know what, I have no right to be angry about the derogatory things that you may call me. I’m a married woman with children, and I am sleeping with you a married man… one point or another I’m bound to be disrespected! So no, I’m not annoyed with you, and please  do not apologize; I’m annoyed with myself! Rest assured it won’t happen again!!!”


Another day


Bwalya to Lisimba at 13:23 hours: “Travel well boo… nana misses you, I can’t say the same about myself, but  that naughty body part of mine misses you, she hasn’t had any magic since Southern Sun….”


Lisimba to Bwalya at 13:32 hours: “What should be home again?”

Bwalya to Lisimba at 13:35 hours: “Time you mean? Midnight. And my sweet magic stick is leaving town, I’m depressed.”

Lisimba to Bwalya at 14:51 hours: “I can make a plan.”

Bwalya to Lisimba at 14:52 hours: “Baby please do…..”

Lisimba to Bwalya at 15:48 hours: “We can do tonight.”

Bwalya to Lisimba at 15:49 hours: “Ok, so what time will you be back?” Another day

Lisimba to Bwalya 12:03 hours: “It was tricky, wife saw your posting.”

Bwalya to Lisimba at 12:04 hours: “What posting? Me?

Lisimba  can you please be careful. How did she see it?”

Bwalya to Lisimba at 12:04 hours: “Mr!”

Bwalya to Lisimba at 12:05 hours: “I am going to delete you from WhatsApp, I don’t like drama!!!!”

Bwalya to Lisimba at 12:05 hours: “We will be communicating via post office, ama P.O.Box…..”

Lisimba to Bwalya at 12:06 hours: “She didn’t see the contents. ‘Kaili’ I saved you as ABC. So she was like, “Who is ABC?” I said it’s a friend of mine Alison Abraham Chewe. “Can I see what you have been chatting?” So I refused. But in case I was going to be pushed to the corner, I was going to show. Meanwhile you would have removed your DP.”

Bwalya to Lisimba at 12:17 hours: “Yaba!!!”


Nyambe has since asked the court to dissolve the marriage and that the couple be granted joint custody of the children. He also sought the court’s order to be awarded damages against Lisimba for his adulterous act which he committed with his wife Bwalya. Nyambe also asked the court to order for property adjustment of the family if any and that costs of the divorce proceedings be borne by Bwalya and Lisimba.


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