Former students urge employment freeze removal

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Former Zambia College of Agriculture students in Mungwi district of the Northern province have appealed to president Edgar Lungu to consider lifting the employment freeze imposed on the civil service.

The former students say the employment freeze has disadvantaged many young people who graduated from various universities and colleges from seeking employment in the government.

One former student spoken to Vincent Maona told ZANIS in Mungwi today that he has struggled to find a job in the wake of the employment freeze by the government.

Maona disclosed that he graduated in 2008 from ZCA and has had no chance to work in the government despite making several attempts.

He charged that government has always been selecting a smaller number of people to be employed in the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development leaving  vibrant and qualified youths roaming the streets.

He has however expressed optimism that President Lungu will consider the plight of the young people in his administration and create more job opportunities for them.

During the presentation of the National Budget last year government announced that it will continue with the employment freeze slapped on the civil service for a second year running.


This meant that the government would not employ new staff during this period of the employment freeze.


  1. That’s the only way pf will win coz us youths we will be voting in 2016! can we be waiting for vacances for us to be employed!