Govt says traditional leaders are key development partners

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—–Government says it values and respects the relationship it enjoys with traditional leaders across the country.


Speaking last evening at the Ngoni cultural and dinner dance held at Intercontinental hotel, Justice Minister Ngosa Simbyakula disclosed that government recognizes traditional leaders as partners in national development.


Mr. Simbyakula said this is demonstrated by the recent consultative meeting President Lungu had with Chiefs  at State house just  two days after being sworn in as Zambia’s sixth President.


Mr Simbyakula further said governments desire to normalize working relations with Chiefs can been seen in the recent move taken by the Head of state to recognize Henry            Kanyanta Sosala as paramount Chief Chitmukulu of the Bemba speaking people.


He said the move has normalized the relationship between government and the Bemba royal establishment.


Meanwhile Mr. Simbyakula has praised the Ngoni speaking people for the efforts they are making in preserving culture through the celebrating of the N’cwala ceremony.


He noted that celebrating N’cwala ceremony is cardinal in the preservation of culture for the future young generation and as a reminder to people of where they are coming from as a tribe.


He implored the corporate world and business community to help in sponsoring the Ncwala ceremony which will take place at Mtenguleni village in Eastern Province on the 28th of February this year.


And speaking earlier at the same function Chief Madzimawe said the Ngoni royal establishment is pleased with the appointment of the first female Vice President.


The traditional ruler observed that the appointment of Mrs Wina as Republican Vice President has been long overdue.


Chief Madzimawe said the appointment of Mrs Wina is an indication that women have now risen to a high level in positions of decision making in governance.