Ndola residents advise police officers to wear full uniform

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—————-Ndola Residents have appealed to police officers to always wear their full uniforms when on duty.


Some Ndola residents who sought anonymity told ZANIS in Ndola today that police officers should desist from operating in public without full uniforms.

The concerned residents noted that it was puzzling for a traffic officer who is not in full traffic uniforms such as white gloves to give instructions especially on the road.


But Copperbelt Commissioner of Police Joyce Kasosa said when a situation dictates, it is mandated by Law for a police officer to stand on the road and give directions in order to control traffic.


‘’People need to be patient and follow traffic signs given by the officer even when they are not in full uniform,’’ she said.


Ms. Kasosa added that in a case were the police officer is starting off from a point of work, he or she must be dressed in a proper police uniform because it is a disciplinary offence if a police officer is not in full uniform.


She further urged members of the public to bring their observations to the attention of the police in order for such issues to be resolved.