Mpulungu harbour gets new crane and ship

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———– Government has bought a crane and a passenger ship for Mpulungu harbour in Northern Province.


The equipment is expected to arrive in the country in two weeks’ time.


Mpulungu harbour Operations Manager Davis Kaluba confirmed this development although he declined to disclose the costs involved.


Mr. Kaluba said once the crane and a passenger ship is in use, it will enhance the operations of Mpulungu harbour.


He explained that the crane, which weighs more than sixty tonnes, will be used for handling big containers that dock at the harbour.


Mr. Kaluba noted that the passenger ship will be the first of its kind in Zambia and will transport people from Mpulungu to Tanzania.


He expressed confidence that government’s move to procure the new equipment for Mpulungu harbour will boost the revenue collection for the country through increased business activities.


Currently, Mpulungu port is mostly used to transport sugar, steel, agriculture products and mining equipment from Zambia to the neighbouring countries in the Great Lakes region and beyond.