MMD in Southern province refuse to acknowledge Mbulakulima as SG

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————The Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) in Southern Province says it does not recognize the current Acting National Secretary Mwansa Mbulakulima.


MMD provincial chairman Mr. Oliver Pelete said MMD does not remember any NEC meeting that was held to elect Mr. Mbulakulima as National secretary saying he was simply imposed on the party by the party President Dr. Nevers Mumba.


Mr. Pelete said that the party recognizes Muhabi Lungu as National Secretary adding that his expulsion by Mr Mumba was illegal.   


He also said that according to the party constitution, if any member commits an offence, one has to be charged, asked to exculpate himself in writing and after that a disciplinary committee is instituted to hear the case as the powers to expel any member of the party rests in NEC.


Mr. Pelete stressed that the party demands Mbulakulima to vacate the office of the National Secretary as procedure was not followed so that Lungu continues to perform his duties without interference.


He said the party in Southern province is demanding for a National convention to sort out leadership crisis that the party has found itself in.


Mr. Pelete added that the party in the province does not recognize all decisions undertaken by Mbulakulima of suspending members of parliament and other NEC members because he is an illegitimate National Secretary whose suspensions are null and void.



  1. Go ahead mbulakulima as SG those pipo will not vote for you. They have voting pattern which is tribal