Copperbelt Police Chief commend Police Officers for good work.

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————Copperbelt Commissioner of Police Joyce Kasosa, has congratulated police officers in the region for maintaining peace and order in the region during and after the 2015 Presidential by-election.


Ms. Kasosa told ZANIS in an interview in Ndola that she is impressed with the manner in which Police officers in the region managed to maintain law and order.


“I am very happy with the way officers conducted themselves on the Copperbelt, we managed to have a violent free election for the first time here on the Copperbelt,”she said.


She pointed out that Copperbelt is known to be a violent region especially during elections but during and after the 20th January Presidential by-election, the region was peaceful.


Ms. Kasosa said the only period her office received some unruly behaviour was after the electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) declared the 6thRepublican President, Edgar Lungu as a winner.


she said one pedestrian was hit by a motorist who was in the celebratory mood.


The Copperbelt Police Chief also said that the other incident which the region recorded was the breaking of windscreens by some residents in Kitwe’s Mulenga compound.


“We only recorded two discomfort activities one in Ndola’s Chifubu Township where one person was hit by a Motorist who was also in a celebratory mood, while the other one was recorded in Kitwe’s Mulenga compound where four vehicles had their screens broken by the people who were throwing stones after the announcing of the election results,” she stated.


Ms. Kasosa has also appealed to Police Officers in the region not to rest but continue working hard by ensuring peace prevailed on the Copperbelt.