Crocks attack men in Tanganyika, Bangweulu

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—A 29-year-old man survived a crocodile attack when he was bathing in Lake Tanganyika in Mpulungu district.


The incident was confirmed to ZANIS by Northern Division Police Commissioner, Charity Katanga, who identified the man as Felix Mubanga of Location Township in Mpulungu.


Ms Katanga said Mr Mubanga was bathing near Capital Fisheries premises near the lake shore when the crocodile attacked him by biting his left leg.


And Mr Mubanga narrated that the crocodile bit him for twice and tried to pull in him into the water.


He said he was fortunate that there was a boat nearby which he managed to hold onto while the crocodile was pulling his leg.


Mr Mubanga further said in the process he picked a stone and hit the crocodile on the head before it released his leg.


Meanwhile, another crocodile has been killed at the Mpulungu harbour after it almost attacked the people on the site.


The Zambia Wild life Authority (ZAWA) office in Mpulungu confirmed the development to ZANIS.


And in Chilubi district, a 27-year-old man is nursing wounds after a crocodile attacked him at Lake Bangweulu.


Bernard Mwila met his fate when crossing Lake Bangweuru while padding a canoe.


Kanciudi Ward Councillor, Joseph Kunde, confirmed the development to ZANIS, saying the incident happened around 19:00 hrs in Kapampe village in Chief Matipa’s area.


Mr Kunde said the victim was rescued by people in the nearby village when he called for help before he was rushed to a clinic where he was referred to Chilubi District Hospital where he is admitted.