126 prisoners commend government for pardon

juvenile justice prison
juvenile justice prison

The Prison Re-integration and Empowerment Organisation (PREO) has commended government for pardoning 126 prisoners from various prisons across the country.


PREO Secretary General Christopher Sakala said the release of the prisoners is a clear demonstration of government’s compassion and importance it attaches to the welfare and rights of prisoners in the country.


Mr. Sakala , who is part of the 126 released prisoners and led a group of them to ZANIS in Lusaka today, described their pardon and release from jail as a relief.


On 16th January 2015, then Acting President Guy Scott pardoned a total of 126 prisoners from various prisons across the country.


And Mr. Sakala has called on government to continue looking in the welfare of ex-prisoners to help them survive and start afresh in society.


Mr Sakala also called on the Ministry of Health to link the HIV positive ex-prisoners to hospitals in their respective places so that they can continue with medication.


Meanwhile, PREO director of education Billion Chola has called on society not to stigmatize ex-prisoners but embrace them.


The ex-prisoners also congratulated President Edgar Lungu on his election victory and requested him to declare the congestion in prison as a disaster.