Muliokela congratulates Edgar Lungu

Alex Muliokela January 24
Alex Muliokela January 24

Today, I wish to congratulate Edgard Lungu on becoming the 6th president of Zambia.
The election is over and now it’s time to start to heal the divisions of the campaign and the contest through which we’ve just passed.
Let us all be reminded that; “Partisan feeling must yield to patriotism”. Let us all support our new president and may God bless him.
May all partisan rancor be now put aside, and may God bless his stewardship of this country.
It’s our responsibility all that we will discharge unconditionally, to honor the new President and to do everything possible to help him bring Zambians together in fulfillment of the great vision that our Constitution affirms and defends.
Let me say how grateful I am to all those who supported me and supported the cause for which we have fought.

They could still be people who are disappointed because their candidate did not make it or think they the election was stolen from them, let all disappointment be overcome by our love of the country and the strength of Zambian democracy will be shown most clearly through the difficulties it can overcome.
Our new President inherits a nation whose citizens will be ready to assist him in the conduct of his large responsibilities.
I call on all Zambians; I particularly urge those that stood with us, those that stood with other candidates to unite behind our next president.
This is Zambia, Just as we fight hard when the stakes are high; we close ranks and come together when the contest is done.
Now is the time to recognize that that which unites us is greater than that which divides us. While we yet hold and do not yield our opposing beliefs, there is a higher duty than the one we owe to political party. This is Zambia and we put country before party; we will stand together behind our new president.
Thank you, and God bless Zambia.


January 24