President Lungu promises new constitution

Hon. Edgar Chagwa Lungu took time to officially open a Military Hospital in Ndola
Hon. Edgar Chagwa Lungu took time to officially open a Military Hospital in Ndola

Patriotic Front President Edgar Lungu has taken the oath of office as Zambia’s sixth President with a promise to deliver a new constitution.

Speaking after being sworn-in by acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda before a packed National Heroes stadium this morning, President Lungu says he will definitely deliver a people driven constitution.

Mr Lungu says to demonstrate his commitment to delivering a people driven constitution he has with immediate effect appointed Constitutional Lawyer Ngosa Simbyakula as the new Justice Minister to oversee the enactment of the new constitution.

President Lungu says other members of his cabinet will be announced tomorrow during a press conference at 09:00 hours.

He says he will be a servant to the people of Zambia and that the Zambian people will be his masters.

Mr Lungu adds that his duty will be to unity the Zambian people, stating that those pandering to tribalism and dividing the Zambian people are working against the great sacrifices the forefathers made.

He states that there is need to remain true to the vision of the founding fathers of a united Zambia proud and free and a people that will appreciate one another on the basis of character and not tribe.


President Lungu says tribalism is a real threat to national cohesion.

And President says the Zambian people have placed on his shoulders a very heavy responsibility to be ever mindful that he has no leeway for lapses which may induce Zambians into thinking that they misplaced their confidence and trust by voting for him.

Mr Lungu has promised to serve with diligence and deep sense of duty and commitment and will not hesitate to submit himself to the guidance and collective wisdom of the Zambian people.

President Lungu says there will be need not only for belt tightening but for radical rethink of the way things are done in view of the gloomy outlook of the global economy and the significant decline in commodity prices including the price for copper.

He however says his government will continue building all the social economic infrastructure projects planned under the leadership of late President Michael Sata.

And SADC Chairman and Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has congratulated the people of Zambia on behalf of the SADC community for holding free and peaceful elections.

Mr Mugabe also thanked candidates that participated in the election for enriching Zambia’s democracy by their participation.

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