ZCID appeals to politicians to give ECZ space

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The Zambia Center for Interparty Dialogue (ZCID) has appealed to political parties that participated in the Tuesday presidential election to give the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) enough time to do its work.

And ZCID has condemned the storming of ECZ’s presidential totalling centre situated at the Mulungushi International Conference Centre by suspected opposition UPND and ruling PF cadres.

ZCID Executive Director Horrance Chilando said the Commission was mandated by law to conduct a credible poll without undue pressure, external force and influence

Mr. Chilando, who is also chairperson of the National Voter Education Committee of the Commission, was speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today.

He said storming of the totaling centre by aggrieved party members creates unnecessary tension.

He noted that official results could only be obtained from the Commission and no any other institution was mandated to provide results.

And when asked what role the center played in dialoguing on political matters, Mr. Chilando said the institution faced numerous challenges which included inadequate funding.

He said it was difficult for the center to organize a round table meeting for the political parties to reach a consensus on certain issues.

Mr. Chilando, an experienced elections consultant and trainer, urged the ruling party and opposition political parties in the country to work on a common goal of promoting peace and unity

Meanwhile, Mr. Chilando said political parties in Zambia need lessons on party development and party system.

He said doing so will prepare party members to manage conflicts and leadership transitions when need arises in their parties.

He observed that political parties in the country were weak institutions who do not have enough resources to conduct mature campaigns hence desperation overcomes some politicians.


  1. How can give ECZ space they can’t even count we are not fools they have rigged and we are angry its better to loose in a fair manner than win unfairly. Evil counsel Zambia indeed