PVT by stakeholders is dangerous – Mambilima

Who will be Zambia's 6th President
Who will be Zambia's 6th President

Electoral Commission of Zambia Chairperson Irene Mambilima says the speculation of election results using the Parallel Voter Tabulation (PVT) by some stakeholders using a sample of polling stations is very dangerous and alarming.

Justice Mambilima says the Commission is aware that some of the people conducting the purported PVT did not even have representation at polling stations neither did they have results from all the polling stations.

She says those conducting PVT without having results from all the over 6,000 polling stations in the country should avoid the speculation on results.


Justice Mambilima says members of the public should know that the valid results will come from the Electoral Commission of Zambia.

She has since called on Zambians to be alert, stating that some of the figures they may be given are merely a result of speculation.

Justice Mambilima says those who have done their own PVT the best they can do is share what they have with the Commission so that the commission can validate such figures instead of alarming the people with speculative figures.


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  3. Madam Mambilima pvt is not dangerous it becomes dangerous only when you are trying to be incompetent in position and trying not to be transparent. the truth shall prevail. no man can stand against God the Almighty.