KK calls on political parties to desist from engaging in violence

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First Zambia President Kenneth Kaunda has implored political parties who participated in the January 20 presidential elections to desist from engaging in any form of violence as the country awaits for the official announcement of the winner from the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ).


Speaking at his residence in state lodge, Dr Kaunda said concerned political parties should avoid a culture of violence at any level of human.


The first president has since appealed to political parties to treat each other with respect and to remember that every human being is a creation of God.


Dr Kaunda said Zambia’s record of stability is admired world over hence the need to continue nourishing the stability the country has enjoyed in the last 50 years.


He stressed that the stability Zambia is known for was as a result of the forefathers who worked tirelessly in promoting peace and unity among the different ethnic groupings in the country.


Dr Kaunda noted that political parties and individual Zambians all have a responsibility to ensure that thoughts and words uttered help to build national stability.


He said Zambia has come a long way enhance the need for the country to embrace peace at all times and refrain from engaging in acts that threaten the stability of the nation.


Dr Kaunda has since called for a peaceful transition as the country waits for the official results of Zambia’s next 6th president.



  1. KK,I saw you voting,did you vote for UNIP or another party?and who did GBM vote for?and remember,even guy scot his vote was a secret too.