Voting in Serenje constituency begins at a slow pace

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Voting in Serenje constituency begins at a slow pace


Serenje 20 January ZANIS—Voting in today’s presidential elections in Serenje Central constituency in Serenje district started on a slow pace in most of the polling stations.


Serenje District Electoral Officer Kennedy Kazanda told ZANIS in an interview that at Kabamba polling station, 74 people out of 1237 registered voters had cast their votes by 08:53hrs.


At Chintankwa 70 people out of 497 registered voters had voted by 09:52 at the station had exercised their right to vote.


And at Teta polling station, 39 people out of 580 had voted by 10:19 while at Chibale East polling station 70 people out of the total of 519 registered voters had cast their vote at 09:52hrs.


Mr Kazanda attributed the farming season for being the reason for the slow pace at which voters were turning out to vote.


He said so far no incidences of violence have been recorded during the voting process apart from a misunderstanding that arose at Kamena polling station where the presiding officer did not allow polling agents from the PF and MMD to enter the polling station without accreditation.


Mr Kazanda said the matter was resolved after ECZ sent a returning officer to explain to the presiding officer that polling agents did not need accreditation at the polling stations.