RB urges continued post-poll peace

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RB urges continued post-poll peace

Chipata, January 20, 2015, ZANIS–Former President Rupiah Banda has called for continued peace in the country saying there was no need for Zambians to be divided after today’s presidential by-election results.

Meanwhile, ZANIS reports that the former President participated in the
election to choose the country’s Sixth Head of State.

Mr. Banda who cast his vote at about 12:40 hours at Nyakutwa polling
station in Chipata said there was no need for Zambians to be divided.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS shortly after casting his vote, Mr Banda
explained that there is need for politicians and their supporters to
respect the outcome of the elections  if the country was to continue
maintaining peace and unity.

He said elections were like a game where people should expect winners
and losers hence the need to accept the outcome.

And Paramount Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni people of Eastern Province
was this morning among voters who turned out in numbers to elect
Zambia’s sixth President.

The Paramount Chief who was accompanied by his Impi who is also Foreign Affairs Permanent
Secretary George Zulu  cast his vote at 11:09 hours at Feni substation polling
station and was the 174th person to vote at the centre which has a total
of 1,463 registered voters.

And speaking in an interview shortly after he cast his vote, Paramount
Chief Mpezeni said the election has so far been peaceful.

He stated that there was need for continued peace and advised all the
eleven candidates contesting the Presidency to be ready to accept the

He noted that all has been done and people should remain peaceful even
after the results of poll.