Long ques characterize voting in Manyinga.

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Long ques characterize voting in Manyinga

Manyinga, January 20, 2015, ZANIS– Long queues have characterized voting in Manyinga district in the North Western province.


However, voting at Pangwa polling station delayed because election materials and polling staff had not been transported by 09:00 hours this morning as the area is experiencing floods.


District Electoral Officer Jonathan Simbeye confirmed to ZANIS that voting in Pangwa area will start as soon as the scheduled chopper ferried the election materials and polling staff by 10:00 hours .


Pangwa has 128 registered voters.  


Meanwhile ,long queues were found at most polling stations within the central business centre before 06:00 hours the official opening time of the polling stations.


A check at Sifukele, Manyinga, Mwande and Chilumba polling stations found that voters started queuing up by 05: 20 hours.


Manyinga district has one constituency, Kabompo West, with 19, 473 registered voters and 28 polling stations.


Voting at most polling stations is expected to close at 18 :00 hours today.