Heavy rains affects voter turn out

President Rupiah Banda and Captain Chewe addressing the Kapiri Rally
President Rupiah Banda and Captain Chewe addressing the Kapiri Rally

Heavy rains that characterized most parts of the country this morning affected voter turnout in  Kapiri Mposhi district.


ZANIS reports that voting started on a slow pace due to the heavy rains.


However, despite the heavy down pour, the residents of Kapiri Mposhi turned out positively to vote for their preferred candidate in a very peaceful environment.


A check by ZANIS this morning at four Polling Stations revealed that only 1,425 voters have cast their votes by 09:00 hours this morning.


The visited polling Stations were Ndeke which has 3,014 where 209 people had already voted by 08:00 hours, Kapiri Polling Station which has a total number of 3,634 registered voters’ recorded 830 people casting their votes by 08:00 hours  and Matilyo Polling Station with 1,425 and 250 people had voted by 09:00 hours.


Meanwhile, Palamedes Polling Station with a total number of 1,800 registered voters had only 136 people voting by press time.


And Palamedes Presiding Officer only identified as Mrs. Aka told ZANIS that the turnout of voters was impressive despite the area experiencing some rains.


Mrs Aka added that the situation was likely to improve as the day progressed because most people were either busy cultivating in their fields or merely disturbed by the rains.