Cavmont bank wins ZNUT kudos

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Cavmont bank wins ZNUT kudos

Mwense, January 19, 2015, ZANIS – The Zambia National Union of Teachers (ZNUT) in Mwense district has commended Cavmont Bank for improving banking services in the area


Cavmont Bank has established mobile banking services and Automatic
Teller Machine (ATM) facilities in the area.

In a statement made available to ZANIS in Mwense today, district ZNUT
chairperson Peter Kabwe said the banking services will contribute to
the development of the district.

Mr. Kabwe said in the past government workers were travelling long
distances to Mansa to withdraw their salaries and other nearby
districts adding that much of their money was spent outside the

He said teachers were also leaving pupils unattended to on pay day
which resulted in reduced learning time for the pupils.

Mr. Kabwe said the banking services had now helped teachers to spend
much time with the pupils as they could either draw their salaries using
the ATM facility or the mobile banking services.

He has since appealed to Cavmont and other commercial banks to
establish permanent banking facilities and invest in the district.