Mozambique’s smooth power transition elates Zambia

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Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba has praised Mozambique for promoting democracy and maintaining peace during the power handover transition period.

Mr. Kalaba told ZANIS staffer Ethel Chanda in Maputo that Mozambique has demonstrated a good example by having a peaceful transition.

He said this after attending the inauguration ceremony of Mozambique’s new President at the country’s independence square in Maputo yesterday.

He noted that the smooth transition process was a good recipe for peace not only in Mozambique as a country but in the whole Southern African region.

Mr. Kalaba said Zambia should embrace this example of a smooth power transition as she will soon be going through the same process.

And newly sworn in President of Mozambique Filipe Nyusi has pledged to improve the living standards of the Mozambican people through his government’s hard work.

Mr. Nyusi said his government will improve people’s living standards through increasing job opportunities, productivity and competitiveness as well as creating wealth in order to ascertain an inclusive development.

He noted that it was critical for all the people of Mozambique to commit themselves in consolidating the country’s rule of law, good governance and decentralisation if the objective of achieving an inclusive development was to materialise.

Mr. Nyusi further assured delegates that were present at the inauguration ceremony that his country has remained a world reference for its high economic growth rates which are beneficial and positive in long term.

He expressed gratitude to the people of Mozambique for having exercised their rights and for once again giving Frelimo party an opportunity to lead the process of developing the country.

And outgoing President of Mozambique, Armando Guebuza thanked the civil society organisations, community and religious leaders and other well-meaning citizens of that country for their contribution to turn the country’s desire to better the living standards of the people into reality.

Mr. Guebuza noted that both local and foreign investors have made a valuable contribution to the country’s economic growth which was also driven by the public sector and by the expansion of business in rural, suburban and urban areas.

Filipe Nyusi, 55, was elected on 15th October 2014 with 57 percent of votes under Frelimo party.

Yesterday, he took over from Armando Guebuza who was barred by the country’s constitution from running for a third term.

Several heads of state and government, former Presidents and representatives of governments and regional and continental economic groupings attended the inauguration of Mr. Nyusi.