Lungu still needs to sign social contract – Grand Coalition

Crowds listening to Lungu
Crowds listening to Lungu

The Grand Coalition on the demand for a people driven constitution says Patriotic Front Presidential candidate Edgar Lungu still needs to sign the social contract committing to the enactment of a new constitution despite the PF government releasing a proposed constitution roadmap.

Grand Coalition Chairperson Fr. Chiti Leonard Chiti says what they want is a feasible symbolic and moral sign that whoever wins the election will enact a new constitution by committing in writing.
Fr. Chiti notes that if government was able to follow its proposed roadmap, they would be no need to sign the social contract.

He however states that experience with the previous governments is that they will make all these intentions public and then sit back after winning elections.

Fr Chiti says the social contract is meant to make government alert and accountable in an instance where whoever wins the election fails to enact a new constitution.

And Civil Society Constitution Coalition Chairperson Judith Mulenga has charged that the release of the government roadmap for the constitution making process is an election gimmick to make people believe they are committed to enacting a new constitution.

Ms. Mulenga notes that if the PF government is committed enough to the enactment of a new constitution, the PF Presidential candidate should not be reluctant to sign the social contract with the Grand Coalition.