— Government concerned about tribal campaigns

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Government is concerned with the continued use of tribal statements in the run up to the January, 20,
2015 presidential elections.


Chief Government spokesperson Joseph Katema who is also Information and Broadcasting minister has for this reason urged political actors to realize that the tribalism being exhibited in the campaigns has the potential to undermine the unity and
co-existence the c country has enjoyed over the last 50 years.


Dr. Katema has stressed that Zambia is bigger than any individual, political party and tribe further stating that the forth coming
by-election should not be used as a conduit for tribalism.


He said tribalism wherever it has been practiced does not yield any positive results for the people but has instead been a recipe for
ethnic conflicts resulting in loss of life and stagnation in development.


ZANIS reports that the minister said this in a statement in Lusaka today.


He has since reminded all those campaigning on tribal lines that Zambia is a democracy and people have the right to choose a leader of
their choice regardless of tribe.


Dr Katema has noted that Zambia have for the last 50 years lived together  under the one Zambia one nation motto further stating that
any attempts by some individuals to cause Zambians to rebel against this value should be condemned.


He said government has found it shameful, unacceptable and inconsistent with the Zambian way of life that people can still
campaign based on tribe.



Dr Katema has urged Zambians to draw lessons from other countries where tribalism has resulted in serious ethnic conflicts disrupting
the normal way of living of the people in those countries.


He has urged Zambians to reject such attempts of putting aside their ethnicity and vote for a leader of their choice.
Dr Katema has cautioned political parties to be responsible in their campaigns and void tribal talk to safeguard the peace and unity the
Zambian people have continued to enjoy.


He has also urged the media not to promote tribal talk by ignoring those whose campaigns are premised on tribalism.