Comments by PF Minister Daniel Munkombwe

The Lion from Mbole Village - A profile of Daniel Munkombwe
The Lion from Mbole Village - A profile of Daniel Munkombwe

14 January 2015

We wish to disassociate ourselves completely from comments made at the Choma rally yesterday by PF Southern Province Minister Daniel Munkombwe.

Any appeal he made to voters based on tribe is rejected by our campaign completely. The foundation of our message has always been one of national unity, inclusiveness and equality. This is without exception.

We also stand in direct opposition to past remarks of Mr Munkonbwe who has been reported as saying “politicians go into government to eat”. This is in direct contrast to our position.

Indeed, the selfishness and poor quality leadership of politicians in the past is what has held Zambia back from reaching its potential, it is the reason why our people remain in poverty even though there is so much natural wealth within our borders.

We are encouraging Zambians to vote for Mr Hichilema because of his desire to serve all Zambians, his track record as an economic manager and successful farmer, his Christian values and his opposition to tribal and panga politics.

Dipak Patel
UPND Campaign Manager


  1. so mr dipak, at what point did you feel the need to disassociate yourselves from mr munkombwe’s remarks. ninshi naciwama pa rally or after they were published and the remarks brought embarrassment to yourselves?