— Mpongwe farmers fume over fake seed varieties

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– Some  concerned farmers in Mpongwe have accused seed manufacturing companies  in the country of selling them fake seed varieties popularly known as “Changanya” in the district.


One of the affected farmers, Patrick Mangangu said that seed companies in the area have a tendency of supplying them fake seed packs with tags indicating that it has been graded when in fact not.



ZANIS reports that Mr. Mangangu kin an interview in Mpongwe district yesterday disclosed that a physical inspection of seed supplied to farmers in the district revealed a mixture of seed varieties.



“ What has been happening is that seed companies have been selling seed with tags showing that it has been graded, for example when you open a bag, you find that there is large seed in there, medium seed and small seed, ” He said.



He stressed that small scale farmers have hence continued to receive undesired seed which has led to negative effects on their plant population.



Mr. Mangangu added that seed companies have a duty to uphold honesty and due diligence in their business with small scale farmers.



He  has  since demanded for all seed companies to clearly separate graded and ungraded seed through markings.



“They should clearly mark the seed ungraded so that the farmer knows that he is getting ungraded seed.” He said.



Efforts to get a comment from the district agricultural coordinator proved futile by broadcast  time.