— Govt. commissions construction of filling stations in Luwingu and Mporokoso districts

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Govt. commissions construction of filling stations in Luwingu and Mporokoso districts


Luwingu, January  14th,  2015m,  ZANIS Government  has commissioned the construction filling stations in  Luwingu and Mporokoso districts  respectively in the Northern Province.

Deputy Minister of mines, energy and water development Mr. Charles Zulu says this is in line with government’s policy of uniform price on petroleum products across the country.

He further said that the government through his ministry has embarked on constructing fuel depots in all the provincial centers in order to reduce the distribution costs of the commodity.

“So far depots in Lusaka and Mpika are operational and the Solwezi and Mongu are yet to be completed,” he added.

Mr. Zulu said that it was the duty of the government to ensure that all areas benefit from the uniform petroleum pricing mechanism especially living in rural areas like Mporokoso and Luwingu which have had no filling stations.

He explained that the government has ambitious plans to construct filling stations in all the districts which do not have filling stations countrywide.

He said government will spend K4.5 million for construction of Luwingu filling station and the same amount for Mporokoso adding this programme will benefit people living in rural areas by bringing closer a facility that will uniform petroleum pricing mechanism.

He added that his ministry has written to all provincial administration offices to submit priority list of areas that require construction of filling stations.

“Once the assessment of these submissions is done, the ministry will go flat out constructing the filling stations,” he added.

Meanwhile Northern Province, Permanent Secretary Hlobota Nkunika thanked the ministry of mines, energy water development for the commencement of constructing of a filing station in Luwingu and Mporokoso districts.

Mr. Nkunika said the gesture will go a long way in alleviating fuel shortage the districts have gone through in many years.

He said the province under the leadership of the patriotic front Government has received tremendous development ranging from construction of schools, health posts, roads and bridges adding all these worked aimed at uplifting the standard of living of the community.

Mr. Nkunika said the construction of Luwingu and Mporokoso filling stations reduce the transportation costs experienced by the transporters in the respective districts who have buying contaminated fuel from illegal fuel dealers in the districts.

And Luwingu district commissioner Mambwe Katontoka praised the PF government saying that Luwingu which was called ghost town is slowly improving its status.

Mr. Katontoka said the construction of Luwingu-Mansa road, Luwingu-Kawambwa, Luwingu-Samfya road and Luwingu Nsombo-Chilubi road to bituminous standard will make the district more attractive.

Several government heads of department, village headmen and businessmen expressed happiness with the construction of a filling station in the district.