Police ready to provide security during election

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The Zambia Police says it is adequately prepared to provide security during the January 20, 2015 presidential elections.

Police Spokesperson Charity Chanda told ZANIS today in Lusaka today that measures have been put in place to ensure that peace and order prevail during and after the presidential polls.

Ms. Chanda has since urged the public to exhibit good behaviour and desist from causing anarchy around the country.

She said the police service will soon embark on sensitizing the public on how to conduct themselves before, during and after elections.

Campaigns for the forthcoming presidential elections have been marred by political violence, a situation that has suggested that the election may not be peaceful, free and fair.


  1. Police r partisan they don’t provide security to all political parties, they just support ruling party

  2. If they are more than ready why can’t they stop the violence going on now in the country in front of them.