Construction of health post elates villagers

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Construction of health post elates villagers

Serenje,  January 12, 2015, ZANIS ——- The Community of Muzamani in Chieftainess Serenje’s area in Central province is happy that government has constructed a health post in the area that will alleviate health problems people were facing.

A member of the Community, Bwalya Bwalya, told the Central province monitoring team under provincial administration that people in the area were excited about the construction of a health facility that includes a staff house, a clinic and two toilets.

He however appealed to government to send health personnel to the area so that the facility can be operational following its construction in 2012.

ZANIS reports that the health facility has already been connected to the ZESCO power line and was waiting for commissioning once the health personnel are sent to the area.

Mr. Bwalya said the delay to send health personnel to the area forced the local to continue walking to Mupepetwe Engineering Company a stretch of 10 kilo meters to access health services.

He said people were excited and could no longer wait for the facility to be opened for them to access quality health services at their door steps.


  1. So a clinic? A staff house (single family occupancy) and two toilets (male and female), the request is that ‘personnel’ be sent, not a person or single family of both husband and wife being medical personnel. So this clinic at best is for one all round member of staff (Records, diagnosis, laboratory, administering treatment, and dispensing not forgetting cleaning)! Is this representative of the 650 new clinics we have been hearing?