Two lions terrorise villagers in Siavonga’s Namomba village

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Two lions terrorise villagers in Siavonga’s Namomba village

Two lions are reportedly terrorising people and domestic animals in Siavonga’s Namomba village.


Senior Headman Mulopa of Namomba village confirmed the development in an interview with ZANIS today.

“Two lions are terrorising people and domestic animals in Namomba village. We don’t know where they have come from but we suspect that they could have strayed from Zimbabwe national park as they may have crossed the Zambezi River. We are in problem here because we are just near the river," he

He said the two lions have been spotted in Namomba and Simasanga fields.

Headman Mulopa said the lions have been terrorizing the two areas for the past four days threatening the lives of the local people and have claimed some domestic animals which included a cow and a dog.

The headman said it was sad that the two lions have continued terrorising the area without much action by Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) officers in Siavonga despite knowing the situation.

"Please let ZAWA come here and trace the marauding beasts before they kill us. We don’t want to lose any person in the area. Besides schools will be opened next week and pupils usually use the path that the lions were seen on. We are worried that our children will be attacked and killed by the
lions," he said.

Headman Mulopa said his subjects have stopped going to their fields in fear of the lions.

The traditional leader has since appealed to ZAWA officers in Siavonga to gun down the lions so that people could continue going to their fields freely to till the land.

Effort to get a comment from ZAWA officer-in charge proved futile.