Scott assures North-west chiefs of winning the January 20 polls

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Scott assures North-west chiefs of winning the January 20 polls

Kasempa, January 10, ZANIS-Acting President Guy Scot has called on chiefs in Kasempa district to have confidence in the promises made by the PF government with the assurance that it is winning the forth coming presidential elections.

Dr Scott was speaking last evening in Kasempa when he met Senior Chief Kasempa and Chief Ingwe to discuss developmental issues that the community would like the government to continue working on after winning the January 20 elections.

The assurance of winning the forth coming elections by Dr Scott was as a result of the two chiefs having doubts of the PF forming the next government and hence they doubted whether the developmental issues they had presented would be worked on if the PF fails to win the elections.

Among the issues presented to the Acting President was the opening up of the Katoka Mema Mine, the electrification of chief’s palaces, the demarcation of Kasempa constituency into two and putting an end to illegal mining activities practiced openly in Chief Ingwe’s area.

Dr Scott repeatedly assured the people of North-western province that the PF will still be the next government and will continue with all its programs as evidenced by the massive support received in his tours of the province.

Meanwhile, Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Chama said the massive support being experienced in all their tours conducted is an indication that the PF is forming the next government.

“We can assure you our chiefs that we are wining because of the massive support we are receiving from all the provinces that we have visited and therefore you should not doubt the issues presented today will be dealt with by president Edgar Lungu,” Chama said.

The Acting President later inspected Mukinge Mission Hospital’s laundry room and kitchen where new equipment has been fitted under the modernization programme meant to ease the work load of hospital staff who for many years washed linin manually.